Krypto Smashes its Revenue Record for the 8th Consecutive Quarter!

The Krypto 2019 Success Story 

Krypto smashes its Revenue Record for the 8th consecutive quarter, with a double-digit increase of sales quarter after quarter! ​ 

We are extremely proud for these amazing results, which followed the massive success of the Krypto Safety Club – an innovative holistic security program, which offers three optimal combinations of monitoring, services and products that ensure Unlimited Safety for homes and businesses!

The following are some numbers to justify the above:

✔All-time high revenue with an increase of 45% the past 5 years.
👁Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is used at almost all new installations.
👁The Krypto Safety Club has clocked more than 50% increase of new clients only the past year.
💯New Projects have increased more than 300% the past 5 years

 The Way to the Top 

Krypto Security has shown an impressive pace of expansion and business growth during the past 25 years. For the past few years, the amazing Alpha Team has led the company to success, based on a solid strategic and methodical plan and of course, our incredible Krypto People. 

Based on a very aggressive strategic plan named operation2023, the Alpha Team has achieved record-setting results in a very small period. With a compelling product offering and a unique Krypto Ecosystem that includes top-notch solutions, innovative hardware and software, the Krypto logistics system and other advanced mechanisms, the Krypto Team has managed to excel in productivity, efficiency and quality, driving the company to this amazing sales record! 

This year, a major integration took place at Krypto, connecting all units of our Ecosystem – Operations, Financials, Commercial and Technical – into one Single Unit controlled by the Alpha Team. The seamless integration of all solutions onto ONE unique ecosystem gives us the advantage of making all our processes incredibly fast, making the Krypto ecosystem the ideal solution for any individual or company to implement and use! 

In addition to this amazing advancement, September 2019 marked the launch of the Krypto eLife – our all-new Krypto online Store – which we consider to be the epitome of our innovations and accomplishments so far! The Krypto eLife combines cutting-edge security solutions, pioneering billing systems, simplicity and flexibility, and of course, excellent customer care from any platform available! 

The Krypto Safety Club

None of the above-mentioned pioneering moves would matter if it wasn’t for the company’s unique product offerings. Apart from state-of-the-art security products and proactive solutions, Krypto has designed the ultimate bundle of safety plans, to ensure the Unlimited Safety of its customers! 

The Krypto Safety Club consists of three optimal combinations of monitoring, services and products, for the Unlimited Safety of homes and businesses. Thanks to these flexible and cost-effective options, our customers can easily be protected from various dangers threatening themselves, their property, business and loved ones, and enjoy a worry-free life.

 The Best is yet to Come 

The achievement we are celebrating today is both a huge “thank you” and an uncompromising promise of excellence. The dedication, passion and professionalism of all our Krypto Team leaves no room for doubt. We are all in this together when we responsibly make this statement: The best is yet to come!