About Krypto

Company Profile

Krypto Security (Cyprus) Ltd, was established in 1995. Following its rapid growth, it has become within this short time the market leader of the security and safety sector with the aim of providing its clients with ultimate security. Our highly qualified personnel, ongoing training scheme, technical knowledge, overall planning and proposed security solutions in conjunction with the certification of our company with the Quality Management System ISO9001:2015 ensures that a high standard is given in all aspects of our business leading to full customer trust and satisfaction for ultimate security.

Krypto offers the most modern, sophisticated, specialized and quality security and safety products and services. Krypto’s home and corporate proactive security solutions fully satisfy the needs of each and every client.

– Intruder Alarms
– Fire Alarm Systems
– Access Control Systems
– Video Door Entry Systems
– Integrated Systems
– Alarm Management Center
– Wireless Connectivity
– Home Automation
– Appearance Search Technology
– Computing Solutions
– Audio & Video Solutions

Krypto History

Krypto History
November 1

Krypto Forms The Krypto Safety Club Division

September 10

New Business Division Krypto Technologies is formed

Krypto Technologies is created to serve efficiently all retail orders.
May 1

Krypto becomes #1 Subscription Service Provider for the Cyprus Security Market

March 8

The Krypto Friends & Family Pack Launches

February 1

Krypto Operation Warp is launched for lightning fast deliveries

January 14

Krypto Launches Krypto Website V2.5

December 29

The Krypto Safety Club triples it’s SLAs to 2300

November 15

Krypto Partners with AV Solutions for Advanced Home Automation

October 1

Krypto reaches Milestone Mark in Sales

August 1

Krypto NOW! starts selling IA & CCTV bundles with Spectacular Success

May 1

Krypto NOW! launches

March 12

Krypto Introduces COVID-19 Safety Measures for everyone.

February 1

Krypto “Safety is a Lifestyle” is launched

January 17

Krypto CSR Culture introduction takes place

July 30

Krypto reaches 1,000,000 impressions per month

June 5

Krypto becomes Solo distributor of Uniview for Cyprus

February 20

Krypto 2020 launches aiming towards unlimited safety

July 3

Krypto launches its operation2023 Project with a massive ICT expansion plan

July 3

Krypto becomes National Distributor and Agent of Uniview

July 3

Avigilon introduces to Cyprus the first Pro series 7K Camera with 30MP resolution. A Global first

July 3

Krypto introduces a unique home automation solution by INIM Italy

July 3

Avigilon makes history with the first of its kind IP browser controlled Access Control and Video Analytics

July 3

Agreement to distribute INIM Fire and Security Systems

July 3

Krypto obtains a Police license for both the company and employees as per legislation N.125(1)/07 and N.54(1)/2009 articles 11,13

July 3

Agreement to distribute Avigilon Canada CCTV products and services

July 3

Krypto Under One Roof Project is materialized with all solution moving to a state-of-the-art Owned building

July 3

IKEA, SuperHomeCenter, JCC moves to Krypto solutions

July 3

Hellenic Bank and the Port of Limassol trusts Krypto for the Security and Safety needs

July 3

Krypto is awarded the prestigious ISO9001 certification

July 3

Agreement to distribute GST Fire Detection solutions