CROW 2way wireless magnetic contact & shock detector (SH-MAG-8F)

MCs & Peripherals

  • Crow break glass detector Unit


    Crow Break Glass Detector Wired

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  • Crow FW2-GBD Wireless Glass Break Detector


    Two Way Wireless Acoustic Glass Break Detector

    • Detection range up to 12m (40ft)
    • Up to 5 years Lithium battery  lifetime
    • High quality ASIC controlled solid state wireless detector
    • 868/916.5 MHz
    • Front and back tamper protection
    • Unique sensitivity and digital processing for best detection performance
    • High false alarm immunity
    • Wide range of surface protection including doors, glass surface and surrounds, safes, gun cabinets etc.
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  • Inim Air2-MC200 Wireless magnetic contact with shock and tilt detection


    Wireless magnetic contact with shock and tilt detection

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    Magnetic contact via two-way radio with 2 inputs / outputs (expansion via radio)

    The simple definition of magnetic contact is certainly reductive for the MC300 device. In fact, MC300, in addition to providing two positions for the magnet, placed at 90 degrees from each other in order to facilitate the placement of the device, also offers two terminals individually programmable as input or output.

    When the terminals are used as input they allow the management of the usual zone types (NO, NC, single balance, double balance) and they also allow to directly interface the shutter detectors and the vibration detectors.

    Used as output they provide 50mA open-collector.

    Alarms from the magnetic contacts and individually from the two terminals are signaled separately in the control panel. For each device it is possible to activate an option that transforms the unused magnetic contact, of the two present on the MC300, into a magnetic anti-sabotage. It will thus be possible to detect attempts at sabotage carried out using magnets and magnets.

    The device is also equipped with an anti-opening and anti-tear device. MC300 is available in white and brown.

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