• 5AMP Boxed Power Supply


    5AMP Boxed Power Supply

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  • Akuvox A01S


    A01 is an IP-based access control terminal that combines door controller and card reader in one device. It supports RFID cards and mobile access via NFC, offering users flexibility in credential options.

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  • Akuvox A03S


    A03S is an IP-based access control terminal combining a reader and a door controller. It offers flexible credentials, including wave-to-unlock via Bluetooth, mobile access via NFC, and RFID cards.

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  • Akuvox A05C


    A05 is a commercial-grade access control terminal, which offers fast, safe and convenient access control via AI-powered face recognition, mobile app, NFC, or QR codes. It is typically used in commercial and residential applications.

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  • Akuvox A092


    The Akuvox A092S is a 2-door access controller with an Ethernet interface. It supports 50,000 users and various features that allow you to control who enters your building. And the backup battery and tamper-proof design makes the whole thing even safer and more reliable.

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  • Akuvox A094S


    Akuvox A094 is an intelligent access controller housed in a stylish SGCC cabinet. It provides the advantages of access control of four doors over a centralized system. Supporting standalone and networked deployment, it can be applied to projects of various scales.

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  • Akuvox C313S


    Akuvox C313 is a 7″ indoor monitor. Its slim body fits into limited space and offers a fat stack of features. It is typically used in apartments.

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