Proactive Analytics Solutions

Being proactive simply means controlling situations in advance instead of reacting to unpleasant events. Being predictive means identifying trends and warnings which are associated with potential negative incidents, such as break-ins, theft and vandalism of your household or business.

It is in our human nature to disbelieve that something harmful will happen to us. Sure, we watch it in movies and on the news, but more than often we hardly believe a bad incident will occur until it does.

An easy and sustainable solution for preventing such incidents from happening in the first place is by being proactive. Thinking and acting ahead of possible harmful events can be a game-changer, whether it is for the safety of your family, business or your own.

Krypto invests heavily on being proactive against crime, through innovation, collaboration with the global leaders in the industry, high standards in all aspects of the business and a passionate team of professionals, offering Unlimited Safety to individuals, families and businesses!

With the implementation of advanced self-learning video analytics in Krypto’s Monitoring Center, connected to Artificial Intelligence (AI) security cameras, we have established effective and, most importantly, proactive solutions as a way of ensuring your safety by preventing negative incidents from happening or escalating.

These security cameras developed by Avigilon – the industry leader on video security and access control – can provide and utilize self-learning video analytics, together with high-definition imaging. So, what actually happens is that the camera “understands” when something is wrong or out of the ordinary, thanks to millions of commands, algorithms and patterns that are integrated into the camera’s artificial intelligence. And when the camera’s AI system tracks a suspicious incident, then the screens automatically switch on, alerting our operators with alerts and real-time insights. This gives our operators the ability to effectively intervene in a situation of interest and take action.

Thousands of people trust this service as the most reliable solution for surveillance systems allowing immediate action to address any emergency situation.
Krypto’s first priority is your safety and security, what is yours? Contact us today!