Krypto People: Konstantinos Aristotelous – co-CEO

What do you get when you mix passion for sales and operations with deep passion for technology and safety? A brilliant, successful co-CEO that goes by the name of Konstantinos Aristotelous. A remarkable professional, devoted to introducing innovative solutions that can make people’s lives easier and their companies technologically more advanced.

The Pre-professional days

We’d be lying if we said that back in the university years, Konstantinos was an “ordinary” student. His passion for sales was evident in his early business activities, since he imported products from eBay and sold them either online or to his classmates! “I am getting excited with every single sale and I have this feeling of success every time”, he said, while you could clearly see this feeling of enthusiasm in his eyes. At the same time, Konstantinos acquired his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science from the University of Nicosia.

Konstantinos as a professional

Being a strong sales professional, Konstantinos already counts a decade of successful experience in innovation solutions in the thrilling areas of IT, ICT, Cloud services, STEM and Robotics. He has demonstrated history of working in different industries, including Information Technology, Telecommunication, Internet Platform and Education.

As a Krypto Innovation Officer, Konstantinos specialized on IT solutions, aiming to assist businesses to work more efficiently. The 2 years that he managed the innovation unit found him ready to lead the company as the head of Sales for 1 year ending up as the Commercial Officer of the company. His results on all departments secured his position as the co-CEO of the company as 2022 with so much more to come.

The co-CEO appointment

Coming off our strongest year yet, Konstantinos is one of the driving forces behind why we have been as successful as we are today despite multiple global issues like the coronavirus outbreak and the war in Ukraine including the headwinds in the industry due to multiple logistics issues. He joined Krypto in 2019 when the company was in the first stages of a long term business transformation. At a time, Krypto formed a newly innovation division that Konstantinos head with great success. After one year he became the head of sales for 2 years and finally in early 2022 he became the Chief Commercial Officer proving in very short time that he could lead on all divisions ending up as the co-CEO of the company in January 2023.

Konstantinos, the life enthusiast

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Konstantinos loves Mondays – and sales! One of the quotes he wrote about his favorited subject is this: “The art of sales starts when a person can create needs and simultaneously create buyers.”

Apart from being a passionate professional, he is also an adventurous thrill seeker, who enjoys windsurfing under the sunny Cyprus sky and adores horse-riding. His passion for motorcycles drives the message of “Drive safe, Be Safe”!

Find out more about Konstantinos on LinkedIn as Konstantinos Aristotelous

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