The Krypto Safety Tips: Summer Edition!

Summer is that time of the year when being at the beach or on a faraway mountainside is a much better idea than staying home. And though we can’t promise to keep you safe if you encounter any big scary fish in the sea, or any wild animals during your mountain hikes, we can promise to help you keep your home safe while you are away!

Well, sometimes just a few smart and easy steps can save you from a lot of trouble. So here they are! We’ve compiled a simple but invaluable list of safety tips you need to have in mind in order to keep your home safe and secure this summer. Let’s see how!

Krypto Summer Tip 1
Make sure you physically secure and check all windows and doors

Trust us, it’s easy to forget! And yes, it is a big deal if you let even a small window open. Locking up all windows and doors makes a burglar’s task much more difficult, and therefore the chances of intrusion decrease significantly. Make sure to keep your gates, doors and windows always locked. 1 in 3 household burglaries takes place through unlocked or inadequately secured entry points.

Krypto Summer Tip 2
Keep your regular home maintenance schedules

If you have any weekly visits from home cleaners, gardeners or other professionals, make sure you keep their schedules running even if you’re planning to be out. Potential burglars may be watching your house to track your regular activities and find out when you’re away. So if they don’t see your weekly cleaner coming by, they’ll notice that something’s off.

Krypto Summer Tip 3
Keep your valuables in a safe

Any money, jewelry, important documents or other valuables should be stored in a safe or an unusual hiding spot. However, remember to keep this safe or hiding spot outside the bedroom, since this room is the burglar’s first target!

Krypto Summer Tip 4
Keep a low profile on social media

… You never know who’s watching! So you might want to be a little cautious when talking about your trip or day out. The less information you publish online, the better. However, if you do want to share some photos and info, make sure to share them with a list of only a few people you know and trust.

Krypto Summer Tip 5
Create the illusion that someone is home

As you’ve read earlier, a wannabe intruder may be watching your house for any unusual activity. So it would be a good idea to mislead them into thinking that you are home. Just set the automatic timer to turn on the lights, or even the TV, while you are away. Simple as that!

Krypto Summer Tip 6
Keep your windows and curtains shut

When intruders don’t have a clear view, they don’t know if it’s worth breaking in your home. Plus they don’t even know if someone is actually home. So just make sure you make it difficult for them to gather all the info they need!

Krypto Summer Tip 7
Try to burglarize your home!

It may sound a bit odd, but it is a brilliant idea. If you plan to attempt to break into your house and manage to commit a burglary, you may detect some weaknesses in your home security plan that you had not noticed before.

Krypto Summer Tip 8
Hide your house tools

Don’t leave any garden tools – or other tools – outside, as these items can easily become valuable for the intruder’s break-in attempt!

Krypto Summer Tip 9
Hide your exterior wirings

Intruders often cut any visible electrical wires or telephone lines in their attempt to disarm your security system. So make sure that these wirings will not be easily accessible by them.

Krypto Summer Tip 10
Activate your home security system!

Last and most important, choose the home security system that best suits your needs and keep it activated. 60% of burglars will not target a home with a security system! Simple as that!

Have a fantastic summer everyone!