When Nomad Bread and Coffee opened in 2019 in a pretty street at the center of Limassol, the atmosphere changed: not only thanks to the irresistible aromas of the various high-quality single origin specialty coffee but also for the tantalizing, mouth-watering scent of freshly baked bread. Oh, and of course the fantastic assortment of confections and sweets created by the acclaimed pastry chef Michael Kalopesas.

Nomad Bread and Coffee’s highly lauded speciality coffee, from Greece’s internationally top-ranking coffee roaster The Underdog Project, will offer you a unique journey in the world of quality, unique, and ethical coffee experiences.

The tasteful, artsy design of the small coffee shop and bakery adds an extra note of elegance and comfort for all to enjoy.


The Challenge

There is nothing more important than feeling and being safe in any situation. Even more so when it comes to enjoying your coffee or selecting your bread and sweet indulgences. On the other hand, security is not what any business wants its employees and clients to be thinking about or be aware of while being in it. It is of those vital services that, when done right, is never noticed.

And this is exactly the challenge for Krypto Security: provide continuous 24/7 security services for Nomad Bread and Coffee without having these services intrude in the unique experience being offered.


The Solution

Krypto’s speciality and expertise lie in providing the highest quality of surveillance and security coverage while at the same time being almost invisible. It is of utmost importance for the security system not to intrude on the business’ aesthetics and services approach.

Nomad Bread and Coffee’s security system was custom made, based on the design of the business’ workplace, using the latest technologies for unobtrusive coverage: cutting edge CCTV cameras with full analytics were selected to ensure prevention of disruptive events or immediate handling of any that might occur. A complex, state of the art intruder alarm system was combined with a matrix of fire sensors to ensure maximum protection from malfeasance as well as accidental events.

Combined with Krypto’s expert remote control center operators, who are trained to deal with any situation with the goal of achieving the least possible disruption with the maximum possible intervention for prevention, Nomad Bread and Coffee’s security is top of the line.


The Result

Krypto’s spearhead technology and expertise have given Nomad Bread and Coffee the maximum possible security, without interfering with the excellent design of the coffee house’s premises nor with the experience that clients and patrons have the pleasure of enjoying.

Krypto prides itself on being heavy in proactive and preventive tactics when it comes to security services, as that ensures the smoothest experience for the business and its clientele, while also ensuring that the highest quality services- such as minimum reaction times and immediate intervention- are on call for the rare cases where prevention of an event is not possible.

There are some types of services where excellence means that nobody notices you while you are providing the best of the best, and this is exactly what Krypto has achieved with Nomad Bread and Coffee!