The Client

5 hyper Do-it-yourself  stores across Cyprus, 65,000 different products, 18 different departments! With its first store opening in 1999, Superhome Center celebrates its 20th birthday this year! One of the most well-known and most popular store chains on the island, Superhome Center is a “one-stop destination”, which provides solutions that satisfy every need of the house, garden, office, workplace or any other place. Also ideal for any DIY projects, the Super Home Center chain offers extra services, such as woodcutting, product repairs and color mixing.

The company has now become established as by far the largest of its kind in Cyprus. The amazing variety of products, impeccable level of service, spacious parking areas, ease of access and reasonable prices confirm the company’s slogan: “…and look no further”!

The Challenge

With thousands of products, a large team of employees, five stores across the country and of course, thousands of shoppers every day, the level of security-related with safety needed for Superhome Center is simply the highest. The company cannot afford to take the slightest risk when it comes to the safety of its staff, assets, products and customers. A high-standard security solution is a MUST.

The Solution

A full, end-to-end security solution, tailored to the client’s needs, was designed and installed by the Krypto Team, to protect all Superhome Center stores, team, customers and assets. The customized solution included CCTV and Access Control by Avigilon, Intruder Alarm and Fire Detection products by Inim Italy, the global leader in the industry. Following a proactive approach, the company selected the security solution that would not only detect but would most importantly prevent unwanted events from happening.

The Result

Unlimited Safety of course! As the company’s slogan states, “look no further” for your house, garden, office or DIY needs. As we would reply, “look no further” for the Unlimited Safety of your team, customers and assets. Another successful collaboration, with a more than happy client!