The Client

“Just another dental clinic”, you would say. Allow us to provide you with a clearer picture of what Kokkinos Smile Clinic really is. Trust us, you will be amazed!

Founded in 1995, Kokkinos Smile started as – and still is – a clinic with a vision: To become a center of outstanding services in pediatric Dentistry and orthodontics and an educational institution for the public and the dental and medical community. The clinic’s mission is to leave dental phobia, dental caries and dysfunctional orthodontic problems behind, creating dental culture in Cyprus.

Situated in Limassol, Kokkinos Smile Clinic is the first and only dental practice that specializes exclusively in two and only terms: a) Orthodontic treatment for kids, teenagers and adults, and b) Dentistry for kids, teenagers and children with special needs. With four different departments, Kokkinos Smile Clinic stresses the importance of prevention and hygiene, educating children about oral hygiene and eating habits, while also providing preventive treatments to children and adults.

The Challenge

As Hippocrates – the father of medicine – once said, “Prevention is better than cure”. These words of wisdom are the cornerstone of the preventive approach followed by Kokkinos Smile Clinic. Acknowledging the importance of being proactive in all aspects of their professional presence, Kokkinos Smile sought for the ideal way to prevent any harmful incidents from happening in their clinic.

The Solution

Specializing in proactive security solutions by Avigilon, Krypto was the ideal partner for Kokkinos Smile Clinic! A cutting edge CCTV full analytics solution was provided, to quickly detect, verify and act on any unusual activities and suspicious events, preventing their disastrous effects. An intruder alarm system, as well as a fire detection system, were also installed, to further safeguard the Unlimited Safety of the clinic, their team and, of course, their patients.

The Result

A one-of-a-kind center of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, offering preventive treatment and education around oral hygiene and enjoying preventive security solutions for the Unlimited Safety of their assets, team and patients. Target achieved!