The Krypto Ecosystem

By utilizing the latest and future technologies, Krypto develops solutions that offer unlimited security and safety so that families and businesses can concentrate on their core values and core operations respectively, creating a free from worries environment for family members and a stable and profitable scenario for companies’ shareholders and employees.

At Krypto, we consider the whole company as one entity none other than the Krypto ecosystem. This amazing network includes the awesome Krypto Team, our products and services, our unique solutions, our innovative hardware and software, the Krypto logistics system and other advanced mechanisms that help the business flow with only one thing in mind, the Krypto client! It’s a fascinating, dynamic and complex network, where all “members” affect each other in a unique way.

The productivity, efficiency and quality of the Krypto ecosystem depends of course on the efficiency of each one of its members, as well as the flow of their interrelationships. As part of our commitment for delivering the highest level of quality in security & safety solutions, we believe that the constant improvement of the Krypto ecosystem is of vital importance, therefore our efforts this year focused on the integration of different members [Units] of our ecosystem into one.

What we have accomplished by these efforts is connecting all our units – Operations, Financials, Commercial and Technical – into one Single Unit controlled by the Alpha Team of Chief Officers.

What does that mean for you? It means that all the products and services we offer to you have now become a part of both our combined back office and front office including our Monitoring Operating Center, thus increasing the functionality and speed of the Krypto ecosystem. The seamless integration of all solutions onto ONE unique ecosystem gives us the advantage of making all our processes incredibly fast, making the Krypto ecosystem the ideal solution for any individual or company to implement and use!

We take pride in being the market leader of the security sector in Cyprus, providing #UNLIMITED SAFETY to our clients. We are committed to offering innovation and cutting-edge products and services to individuals, families and businesses. We are the Krypto Team. And this is how we do it!