The Krypto Times Issue 2

Your attention everyone! We present you The Krypto Times, Issue 2!

We believe that a successful and forward-thinking company is not all about sales and business. Our job is to focus on our clients. Of course, our clients’ safety and security needs are our Number One Priority, but is that all a client needs from Krypto? Is it only products and security solutions? We believe otherwise!

Our clients deserve to know much more for Krypto than available products for their specific needs. And Krypto is certainly much more than this! The Krypto Times, Issue 2, is here to update you regarding the exciting news and additions in Krypto family.

Uniview joins Krypto
How can we not be thrilled by our very promising collaboration that is set to take Krypto to the next level? Krypto had the honor to obtain the solo exclusive rights to sell and distribute all Uniview reliable and cutting-edge products to the Cyprus market – one of the pioneer and leading video surveillance manufacturer in the world!

BESAFE, Fight Pollution
We are also excited to announce that Krypto goes Eco! Since the beginning we were always Eco-friendly but this year, we go a step beyond that. The Krypto Team, with the help of Charalambos Zenios, a talented and environmentally conscious young artist, now offers a stylish, Eco-friendly, reusable full organic cotton tote bag to its esteemed clients, partners and friends!

Meanwhile, we have been working on the improvement of the Krypto Ecosystem – the integration of different units of our ecosystem into one! ONE unique ecosystem that gives us the advantage of making all our processes incredibly fast, making the Krypto ecosystem the ideal solution for any individual or company to implement and use!

The Krypto People
And of course, we believe you will be eager to discover the stories of the Krypto People! Four different, ambitious team members share their stories with us, going through their career journey and taking us back to how it all began for them, and how they ended up working for the leading security company in Cyprus!

We are the Krypto Team and these are some of our news for the past few months!

Read more in our newspaper and fell free to ask for your copy!