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6,300 break-ins and 5,688 burglaries in Cyprus within the past four years…

Were you one of the victims?

The rise of break-ins and burglaries in Cyprus

There was a time when the doors of our homes were literally always open. A time when people were a little more careless and a little less hostile. Unfortunately, times have changed. Nowadays, when the door is open, there is a 60% chance of someone breaking in your house. Even if the door is closed, there is still a 30% chance of intrusion, which is a quite considerable possibility.

Burglars in Cyprus usually take advantage of the people’s lack of security measures for their homes, grabbing the opportunity to steal their valuables, from money and jewellery to appliances, electronics and even cars!

Especially during the summertime, the rise of burglaries is even greater than in winter, as people are out more frequently or for a longer period of time – when on holiday.



The importance of a home security system

Installing a home security system that provides 24hour protection is the easiest and simplest solution against break-ins and burglaries. According to existing evidence and stats, 60% of burglars will not target a home with a security system.



Advanced Proactive Security Solutions provided by Krypto

Being an industry leader on the island, Krypto invests in the unlimited safety of people, their homes and their businesses, by being proactive against crime. As Evis Zenios – Chief Commercial Officer at Krypto – explains, Krypto provides proactive security solutions through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology manufactured by top-notch, global brands.






Technology is everything for achieving the goal of unlimited safety, since all proactive products provided are based on cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology. AI systems developed by Avigilon – the industry leader in video security and access control – are used to provide self-learning video analytics paired with high-definition imaging.


In simple terms, your security camera “understands” when something is wrong or out of the ordinary, thanks to millions of commands that are integrated into the camera’s artificial intelligence. These cameras are connected with Krypto’s 24-hour Monitoring Operating Center, where each operator is assigned to eight different screens. The screens are switched on only when the AI systems track a suspicious incident, alerting the operators who no longer lose their focus by watching continuous camera shots for a long period of time.



Once a screen is switched on, the monitoring center operator takes action, warning the intruder to back away. Thousands of break-ins and burglaries are prevented every year thanks to this top-notch, proactive security solution provided by Krypto.



Thinking and acting ahead of possible harmful events is evidently a game-changer, whether it is for the safety of your family, business or your own. And this is how Krypto reaches its ultimate, nonnegotiable goal: to offer unlimited safety to its customers.