Krypto “Fight Pollution”: The beach cleaning initiative

The idea

“Let’s clean our beaches!” we said. And we just did it!

Filled with enthusiasm, the Krypto Team met at the beach on Saturday, 7th September 2019, and cleaned the shoreline from plastics and other garbage, in collaboration with Ayios Tychonas Community Council! The team covered an area stretching from the Four Seasons Hotel up to La Isla and the main roads going the way back, in Limassol City.


How it all began

Environmental consciousness has been a part of Krypto’s philosophy since the beginning. Here at Krypto, we consider ourselves lucky enough to have a team of professionals who not only excel at their work, but also care about the living creatures and the natural environment that surrounds them.

Every day, we become witnesses of tremendous disasters happening across the globe, caused mostly by the human factor. The consequences of these disasters are devastating for our planet and all the living creatures in our ecosystem, including humans. Researches have already warned us that if we don’t act now, soon it will be too late to undo this harm.

This year, in an attempt to contribute to the fight against pollution, Krypto launched the BESAFE, Fight Pollution campaign. Our goal is to take an active role towards the protection and the safety of our natural environment. The Fight Pollution Day at the Beach is one part of this initiative.


How Krypto fights pollution

In addition to cleaning our beaches, Krypto introduced its own, fashionable and stylish perspective towards saving the planet, through the BESAFE, Fight Pollution campaign. With the help of Charalambos Zenios, a talented and environmentally conscious young artist, the Krypto Team offers a stylish, eco-friendly, reusable, full organic cotton tote bag to its esteemed clients, partners and friends, who want to make a statement against pollution and do what they can to keep our natural environment safe!

As Charalambos stated, “I truly believe that the statement these bags make can blow up and save the planet from an ongoing pandemic which is the use of plastic. The company has a clear message: Stop the plastic bag epidemic, one Tote at a time. I believe that this message can easily be seen and understood by millions of people”.


A campaign we are all proud of

In a successful company like Krypto, we all feel proud for the company’s achievements. However, each one of us feels – and deserved to feel – a little more proud for achievements we are personally involved in, giving our significant input to the successful outcome. The Krypto Fight Pollution Day at the Beach is an “achievement” we are all involved in and extremely proud of. Our contribution to the fight against plastic and pollution, as well as our support to the local community, is an achievement beyond all others. It comes from the Krypto family, with the hope to save the biggest family of all: Our beautiful planet. Let’s all do our best. This time, this earth needs us more than ever before as there is no Planet B!