The Krypto eLife presents the all new Krypto online Store!

The Krypto eLife presents the all new Krypto online Store!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of The Krypto eLife! Fully embracing the digital era that we live in, Krypto takes its security services to the next level, bringing a whole new world of options right at your fingertips! The brand-new Krypto online store is here to make your life so much easier and above all safer!

Innovation is our middle name

The past year was characterized by a massive re-branding and numerous of innovations for Krypto. You must have realized that by now! Our world is characterized by rapid digital transformations that constantly change the way we think, act and interact with each other. Keeping these facts in mind, we – here at Krypto – always try to think ahead, staying on top of emerging technological advancements. Our teams are embracing all new and innovative technologies of the future, today!

Following a solid strategic plan, the Krypto Alpha Team has led the company to great innovations during the past few years, reaching target after target and setting the standards higher and higher for the years to come.

The Krypto eLife is the epitome of all these innovations, combining cutting-edge security solutions, pioneering billing systems, simplicity and flexibility, and of course, excellent customer care from any platform available!


Amazing products by global leading brands

Revolutionary products by top-notch global brands are now just a click away! Discover proactive, AI security solutions by Avigilon, a global giant in security solutions. Explore complete IP video surveillance solutions by Uniview, the fifth largest player in video surveillance globally. Secure your home and business with solutions from INIM Italy. Design Visual Walls and find the latest TV Sets from Samsung & LG and above all find the latest trends in security products that match every need of your home and business security.

Explore → find → buy online!

At Krypto, it is as simple as that! Browse all products easily, filter products according to what you’re looking for and select the ones that suit your needs and budget. Avoid wasting valuable time on driving to the store or waiting for your turn at customer service. Buy what you want, when you want it, any time of the day – or night – from any location you may be!

We strive to develop the best possible client service and ensure Unlimited Safety for all our customers. We are the Krypto Team, and this is how we do it!