Your Masterpiece!


They say inspiration strikes at the most unexpected time. It all started in the flash of an eye, during a warm summer night. You were enjoying a glass of wine, trying to chill thinking what a long day at work this was! Tired, sunk in thoughts, a bit sleepy and that’s when it hit you!

The Art

You grabbed your brushes, dove into colors and got started! That night, you couldn’t stop until you were exhausted! And you carried on the next night. And the next night. Kept going for weeks! Sometimes inspiration made everything so easy you felt like swimming in an ocean of creativity! Other times you got so stuck that you were bursting with frustration and disappointment, feeling like facing your biggest – and most unacceptable – failure!

And after weeks and weeks of hard work, inspiration, disappointment, creativity, sleepless nights, frustration, joy… voila!!! YOUR MASTERPIECE!

Safety is a Lifestyle

Like all of your other works, this work of art is your very own, unique creation. You love it as it is and wouldn’t accept the slightest modification on it, by anyone. Because it’s yours! It’s an expression of who you are. It’s a proud statement of your personality, your hopes and fears, your concerns and happiness, your own personal style.

It’s Your Masterpiece! and while you admire it, it may be in danger… What would happen if someone broke into your home and tore it apart in the search of any valuables? This would tore your heart apart as well… What if a fire broke out in the house, wrapping it in flames? The questions are endless!

Are you sure you’re keeping your masterpiece safe from every threat?… The safety of your most precious masterpieces is not a choice. It’s a lifestyle.

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