Krypto’s Top5 Summer Safety Tips

Summer is here again, and it finally looks like Covid-19 is becoming a thing of the past. Travel is starting to be possible again, as is going out with friends, attending theaters and cinemas, going on road trips with the family, and many more.

Even staying at home is going to have a different, better flair to it, because now it will be your choice without restrictions to stay in and keep everyone else, such as your friends or family, out.

However, there are still some who you should keep out, and those are burglars. Summertime is generally a prime time for burglary and theft since people tend to travel or leave their houses for prolonged periods of time or simply make their houses unwittingly more accessible through open windows and unlocked doors.

Because burglary and theft are crimes of opportunity, the best way to avert them is to preemptively deny prospective thieves the opportunity to come into your house.

There are many ways to do that, including building the habit for certain little actions that can go a long way to increase your house’s security baseline.

Tip #1: Keep windows and doors secured

Make it a habit to always lock the doors and secure the windows you aren’t using or supervising. The first thing thieves look for when checking out a house is whether a door or window is open or unlocked.
If you want to keep your windows open to air the house during the summer, make sure the shutters are secured so nobody can force them open and come in.

Tip #2: Don’t allow your house to look empty

Whether you are inside or not, away on a trip or not, what is most important is how your house looks to a burglar.

If the house looks empty, it becomes a target by default. If it looks busy with people, it becomes too much of a risk to consider. Therefore, make sure your house maintenance remains the same, including yard or garden cleaning (but make sure not to leave tools out!). Install motion detection lights that switch on when something moves to give the impression that people are in the house at night.

Tip #3: Minimize the valuables you keep inside

As much as possible, try not to keep your valuables and cash at home. In the event that burglars do manage to break into your home, it’s best that they don’t find your hard-earned cash or things you can’t easily replace.

If you do opt for keeping them at home, choose a creative hiding place and a safe. Try to avoid the bedroom or the bathroom, as they are the first places burglars tend to look through.

Tip #4: Make it hard to see inside

Since theft is a crime of opportunity, make sure you don’t show burglars what there is in your house. Keep curtains drawn so that they can’t look inside. If they can’t assess whether the risk is smaller than the gains, they’re unlikely to target you.

Tip #5: Keep your alarm system activated, Always!

Even the best alarm system is useless if it is activated. In this day and age, keeping your alarm system deactivated during the day and only arming it at night is a big risk. Many burglaries take place early in the morning or at noon, so you want to keep your house’s entry points always surveilled.

Keep your system updated and wherever possible, have CCTV cameras. Most burglars don’t target houses that have cameras and an alarm system in place.

Here’s to a safe, fantastic summer!