Krypto’s Proactive Analytics Solutions

In any kind of business and for all sustainable households, proactivity is an invaluable asset. Proactive behavior is all about taking measures and being prepared in anticipation for things that haven’t yet occurred. In short, being proactive means having foreseen a range of future events and be ready for them- both positive and, even more importantly, negative.

Especially when it comes to security, being able to foresee what might happen in the future that will put your business or livelihood at risk, danger or under attack is key, but not many seem to be aware of the need for such preparation- especially young entrepreneurs or households with no experience of having to face unfortunate events.

It’s the familiar sense of invulnerability, the “such things only rarely happen” or “it won’t happen to me” thinking we get when we watch the police reports on the news.

It’s better not to learn the hard way!

We don’t need to become victims of criminal activity before we learn to become proactive.

It’s a lot better to pat ourselves on the back for being perspicacious when we see a crisis successfully and seamlessly averted thanks to us having taken measures for that in time!

This is where proactive analysis comes in.


What is proactive analysis?

Proactive analysis is all about studying and locating the ‘blind spots’ in a project or setup, in a household or business, when it comes to a specific set of risks or eventualities.
Blind spots can be anything from weaknesses in a building layout to lack of support for a specific aspect of a project to just keeping in mind unpredictable natural events. They can also be potentially positive occurrences, like sudden favorable circumstances or a sudden surge in demand when it comes to businesses.

In the proactive analysis, you discover and take action before something significant takes place, so that you will be in control and avoid negative impacts (should the event be negative) or exploit positive impacts to the fullest (should the event be positive). In short, you eliminate any ‘blind spots’ there may exist.

With proactive analysis you act in advance and increase your probabilities of maintaining or enhancing the integrity of your livelihood or business.


How does proactive analysis work in security services?

Nowhere is proactive analysis more vital than in security services!

Being in a position to foresee the risks that are related to a household, business or venue’s integrity and security is pivotal in order to offer the best possible security solutions that will be tailor-made for the specific client.

Not every client runs the same risks. That means that specific elements (such as location, layout design, environmental conditions, the client’s specific activities, etc) have to be factored in and studied in order to list and account for all the possible risks that the client’s parameters suggest.

When the proactive analysis is done right, security for the client is sustainably optimal.


How does Krypto perform proactive analysis?

To us, proactive analysis when it comes to assessing a client’s security needs is vital. As such, we take no short cuts to ensure maximum proactivity for our clients:

Krypto invests heavily in all the newest, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art security approaches and applications.

Krypto’s goal is to offer Unlimited Safety to all our clients, from private owners to small entrepreneurs to big corporations and public service venues alike.

We achieve that by using the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) by Avigilon, the industry’s world leader in video security and access control, for self-learning video analytics streaming in from all cameras connected to Krypto’s Monitoring Center.

Through a complicated matrix of algorithms, commands, programming and millions of hours of surveillance video learning, Krypto’s AI security cameras know when to alert our operators for suspicious or out of the ordinary activity: the screens automatically switch on and perform real-time analysis coupled with alarms and suggestions for the human operators.

The operators then take action and intervene where necessary, preventing or de-escalating any situation that might occur.

Together with every other proactive service provided when performing the initial analysis for installations and client needs, Krypto manages to successfully and uniformly offer clients a realistic sense of security and safety, knowing that we are here 24/7 to prevent most emergency situations and quickly and efficiently intervene and handle the rest.

Krypto’s first priority for every client is that client’s safety, security, and peace of mind.

Let us offer you the same Unlimited Safety! Contact us today!