Household Security and Safety

A person’s home is his or her castle. Nowadays it couldn’t be a more apt thing to say, as we need our homes fortified as castles.

We might remember fondly of a time where turning our homes into castles was not necessary: we could leave the doors unlocked, or the windows open, and the chances that a burglar would take advantage of that were very low.

Unfortunately, those days are gone and we are now faced with a constant threat of various types of deviants and criminals that are looking for a quick and easy grab – a grab of valuables, hardware, and hard-earned cash that rightfully belong to you. It has thus become your responsibility to fortify your home, your castle, so that the probability of this occurring is minimized.

The first thing to consider when thinking about your household’s security is the criminal him/herself. Knowing the general trajectories in which most burglars think and act will help you in making your house low on a burglar’s list of possible hits, or even off the table altogether.

The best protection is always prevention and deterrence, so making your house appear difficult for a burglar to enter or requiring an effort that does not justify the possible reward on the part of the burglar is of prime importance.

You must also keep in mind that burglars do not attempt to break into houses only when they appear empty of their owners. Often, they will walk in through an unlocked door or climb in through an open window with the owners inside. There are many incidents and reports about burglars that attacked the owners of a house or even abused and terrorized them on purpose to have the owners reveal hiding places or yield more of their property to them.

To guard against intrusions of any kind in your household there are a few simple steps you can take. The good thing is that most burglars are opportunists: they will choose houses that appear easy to break into and low risk in terms of possible detection. If your house doesn’t give them that impression, they’ll likely move on to a house that does.


Basic daily actions to take

Keep your windows and doors shut and locked, even if you are inside. Lock even if you are gone for a few minutes to run an errand. Keep all possible entries as visible as possible: do not provide easy hiding places for prospective burglars. Don’t leave notes on the door for anyone- make sure you text the message to whom you need, rather than advertise to burglars that you are away. Use ample lighting during the night. Do not allow any random person in your house that is asking to use your phone as an emergency. Make any phone calls they need for them, and keep your doors and windows locked.


Give your household complete protection

While the daily actions are an important baseline of protection, it is not enough to protect you fully from burglaries and intrusions or house invasions.

What you need for that is a security alarm system that will be designed to meet the needs of your home and cover for all the potential weak points that a criminal might attempt to exploit.


For the last couple of decades, Krypto has been the spearhead for home security in Cyprus. With Krypto, you will enjoy the luxury of peace of mind as we are experts in designing custom made alarm systems for every property’s needs: with state of the art sensors, CCTV cameras as well as heat, smoke, and fire detection alarms, we will ensure that your house is, indeed, a castle. A castle that is fortified against malicious intent as well as accidental events and overseen day and night by experts trained in preventing and handling all known threats to homes of all shapes and sizes.

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