Perimeter Surveillance for Businesses and Households

In this era where criminality is on the rise, it is not enough to protect and monitor one’s household or business proper. In the constant effort to prevent criminal behavior and accidents, the best approach to maximizing safety is to keep questionable individuals as far away from the property as possible.

In order to do that, surveillance of the perimeter of a business or household is key. If criminals are unable to even approach a house or workplace undetected, then the probability of them pursuing their target dramatically drops.

This happens because burglarizing and theft are generally crimes of opportunity which take place when the perpetrator estimates that the gains from the criminal behavior outweigh the risks of being detected or caught.

When the perimeter of a property is surveilled, a prospective thief or burglar can’t even approach enough to assess possible gains, but can definitely assess the risks, rendering the property an undesirable target. This in turn averts the crime.

In Krypto, we prioritize prevention as we feel it is the best defence and protection of any property and just as important as being ready to deal with and handle events that may occur despite any preventative measures.

Krypto is spearheading the security sector for the prevention and defence of households and businesses alike, by providing our clients with top of the line, state-of-the-art equipment for surveillance from the world’s best and most innovative companies.

Perimeter surveillance for Businesses

Krypto has developed top-tier programs for perimeter surveillance on the primary and secondary levels of protection:

For the primary level of protection, complete and custom-made coverage of the perimeter of the business’ premises is ensured with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras of the latest innovative technologies, sourced from companies such as Avigilon and Crow.

Advanced systems of digital surveillance equipped with AI software which is designed to detect and alert about possible imminent events guarantee that the perimeter of the business’ premises is secured.

The secondary level of protection for perimeter surveillance is also secured through Krypto’s groundbreaking Krypto Safety Club, which ensures 24-7 monitoring of the premises remotely via Krypto’s Control Center. Our specially trained experts and operators will intervene before any event can unfold, completing the system of prevention and protection for any level and size of business.


Perimeter Surveillance for Households

In the same manner, households need their own perimeters surveilled, in order to prevent aggressors of any kind to approach the actual house. Sophisticated systems of CCTV by world-acclaimed companies such as Avigilon and Crow are installed by Krypto’s expert technicians, after a thorough study of the perimeter’s unique parameters.

The CCTV circuit is not only custom-made when it comes to the installation and location of the state-of-the-art cameras, but also regarding the advanced AI software which will detect imminent events and warn accordingly using motion detection among other digital sensors.

Krypto’s Krypto Safety Club completes the circle of protection by monitoring all the digital information streaming in remotely, with highly trained operators and experts ready to intervene 24-7 and prevent malfeasance.