Layered Security: Access Control and Video Door Entry Systems

Security is a concern for every business and household. Often, though, there is a misconception that security installations are cumbersome and only for business off-hours or when the house is empty or its inhabitants asleep. This is fundamentally wrong, as practices have shown that security should be constant, no matter what activity is taking place on the premises.

That’s why layered security is the best approach to adopt. But what is it?

Layered security is having several different systems of surveillance and security that offer different layers of protection, depending on what is required at any given time and at any given part of the premises. This makes your installation versatile and flexible, and ultimately, your daily life a lot more protected.

What is the first line of defence in a layered security setup?

There are many opinions on the particulars, but the general consensus is that access control is the first layer you should always employ when it comes to protecting your premises.

Access control is the foundation of every layered security setup simply because it gives you the capacity to control who enters the premises at all in various ways. It’s no accident that access control systems are of the most prevalent in all kinds of professional and business establishments.

They may consist of something as simple as an electronic door lock that can be manually operated, but usually, they involve highly specialized systems of door locks which are controlled by sophisticated software designed to allow access to specific people depending on the time of day and their capacity. Other access control systems might also grant access by punching in a code on a keypad, swiping a card or looking at a camera. It all depends on the business’ specific parameters and needs.

Another variation of access control is video-door entry systems. In these, a stand-alone intercom with audio-visual communication allows users from inside to communicate with people outside and choose to grant entry manually. These are often found in households or professional offices and workplaces that don’t need mass-screening processes like those involving a high number of employees or frequent comings and goings.

KRYPTO’s vast experience with access control systems, as well as our partnering up with the world leaders in the industry of layered security, guarantees you will find the system that will suit your specific needs.

With KRYPTO’s vast array of different options and solutions, you will not only ensure full customizability and configuration for your access control system but also you will be able to benefit from KRYPTO’s innovative cloud-based technology. Thus, your access control system will not only be the best for your specific needs and parameters but also accessible remotely giving you full control at any moment, from any location.

As for video-door entry systems and solutions, at KRYPTO you will find, the standard tools aside, the best selection of cutting-edge video, intercom and IP solutions for an expansible, versatile edge in your access control, such as integration of emergency notifications and alarms, or other services you may require.

At KRYPTO, you can build your layered security systems from the ground up, at the right pace for you, and definitely in the right way.