Intruder Alarm Systems

What is an intruder alarm system?

An intruder alarm system is a closed circuit of different types of materials, apparatuses and equipment designed to protect a venue, building, object or data set from unauthorized access, from criminal activity and from damages of all kinds.

How simple or complicated an alarm system is, depends on many factors and parameters. However, the most important pair of parameters are the needs and financial capacity of the client. It is not always easy to balance out needs on a budget, but here at Krypto we have experience in doing exactly that.

Krypto’s extensive experience in proactive analytics and needs assessment guarantees clients the best possible intruder alarm system on the budget they have available, with the potential for upgrades and enhancements always present. We work closely with each of our clients, set up the initial system and work in advance for any future expansions to it, thus ensuring seamless and consistently up-to-date service.


What can I expect in my alarm system?

Depending on your needs and the range of functionality of the alarm system, you will get different features. However, there are some basic elements you should expect in your alarm system:

An alarm control panel: This device controls and checks for the good operation and functionality of all other devices in your system. It is anti-tamper and triggers an alarm should such tampering be attempted on it or often on any other device or material in the network.

A keypad: This device can program, arm and disarm the control panel. Usually, it comes with an assortment of functions and programming options.

Several sensor devices: These devices are the most important parts of your alarm system because they are the ones that will detect any attempt to breach your protected areas. They have a wide range of types and functions, ranging from motion detectors and reed switches to glass shatter detectors to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The process of selection of what sensors you will install will ultimately determine how functional and how reliable your alarm system will be.

Siren / signaling devices: These devices will be the ones that will sound the alarm should a breach attempt occur. They can be both optical (with bright flashes, etc.) and acoustic (loud noise).

Notification GSM modules: These devices will make sure the monitoring center or station your alarm system is connected to is notified of unusual activity or breaches and acts accordingly by notifying police or other security services.


What other services can be offered by my alarm system?

Depending on your needs and your budget, an alarm system can become highly customized to proactively protect you from a wide range of dangers that go beyond your standard intruder or burglar alarms with simple sensor devices.

CCTV (closed-circuit tv) surveillance can offer real-time, around the clock monitoring of your establishment’s premises, actively recording and saving all activity- something that can not only act as a deterrent for would-be aggressors, but also offer support in other instances where visual evidence is vital for the resolving of incidents of all kinds.

Especially when CCTV is connected to a central monitoring system, like the case is with Krypto, advanced technology can ensure that all out of the ordinary events are noted and alert human operators.

Additionally, access control systems can offer extra control on who can enter or exit your establishment. Such devices, usually found on specially designed doors, range from small noisemakers to complicated, computer-monitored features with two-way communication services.

At Krypto, we will design the perfect alarm system for your needs and your budget, and ensure Unlimited Safety for you and your livelihood.