Businesses Trust Krypto

Safety in the workplace is not only a legal requirement for businesses but also a vital investment for development and profitability: securing an environment without disruptions or setbacks from malfeasance or accidents boosts productivity for employees and inspires loyalty in the business’ target audience. Security services and products have to be top notch and constantly evolving. That way businesses can thrive even in an eventful, unpredictable world.

Krypto has been leading the security services and products sector in Cyprus for more than two decades. Businesses of all sizes, from the smallest entrepreneur to big companies, rely on Krypto for this very important aspect of their various ventures.

Krypto’s consistent success is no accident: the general approach and work ethic that Krypto has in ensuring businesses are protected from disruption by criminal activity or accidents is what secures Krypto’s position at the top of the industry.

How does Krypto consistently manage to lead the industry in Cyprus?

Krypto’s top-quality service at great value

Krypto seeks to offer the best quality in security services at the greatest possible value for money, so that everyone can have access to reliable security for their business:

Reliability: The biggest element that offers peace of mind in the workplace is reliability. Krypto makes sure that every service offered is done exactly as expected and described, at the exact time agreed, by accredited professionals with expertise on the exact service they are providing, from installing hardware equipment to managing and maintaining software or monitoring and preempting incidents.

Bespoke customer service: Each customer is valued and considered unique. As such their needs are also unique and need to be catered to specifically. Krypto’s approach is such that customer support begins pre-sales, helping clients determine the best possible fit of security products and services within their budget, and extends to during and after-sales support. Krypto believes that each client must be supported throughout the usage of each product purchased so they can enjoy the maximum each security product has to offer.

Constant security: Krypto’s remote Control Center works 24/7 with the latest technology in monitoring systems and AI. Expert professionals handle each event both remotely and on the business’ premises whenever necessary, guaranteeing that every business has the best possible monitoring service at all times.

Fast delivery, everywhere: Top-tier security services also hinge on speed. Krypto ensures that every delivery is made swiftly, everywhere in Cyprus. In fact, Krypto is present and accessible to all businesses within Cyprus regardless of where they are located, and that includes efficiency in deliveries.

The Krypto Safety Club: Through this innovative program, Krypto offers high quality security services that would otherwise be inaccessible to businesses on a budget. 24/7 monitoring, timely and consistent hardware maintenance on business premises, free battery changes and options for patrol services are offered in surprisingly affordable packages. Through the Krypto Safety Club high-quality, round-the-clock security is not a luxury anymore.

Free personalized consulting: In a constant race for innovation, security products are many, diverse, and offer a wide range of capacities and features. Not all of them are needed by every client. Krypto always offers free personalized consulting to businesses to determine the best possible combination of products and services that will cover their needs without excess, ensuring the best value for money in the market as well as the highest customer satisfaction.

Krypto’s top-quality products

Excellent service is coupled with the best security products globally available. Krypto constantly seeks out the top companies in the security sector in order to source the best possible equipment for its clients.

Partnerships with world leaders such as Avigilon, Crow, Inim, Samsung, LG, Western Digital, and more, guarantee that Krypto’s clients get the latest, most advanced security products the moment they hit the market.

From state-of-the-art CCTV systems to specialized detectors and access control with AI technology, Krypto has a vast variety of products for every need and requirement. Krypto’s experts are also licensed to customize equipment as necessary to completely personalize each security and alarm system to the business’ profile and needs.

With Krypto, businesses protect their livelihood, employees, and clientele in the most advanced, reliable, cost-efficient manner. Its consistent commitment to updating, upgrading, and enhancing products and services make Krypto the best choice in the industry, granting Krypto the lead in customer loyalty and trust.