The Importance of Home Security Systems

We live in challenging yet fascinating times. Technology is advancing in leaps, allowing us to have more flexible ways of working and entertaining ourselves. Remote work and home entertainment have become a staple in most homes, and several valuables are now considered common in every household, from computers to home cinemas or smart TVs and appliances.

However, this also makes each house a viable target for burglars. A good security system, however, will help protect you from a wide range of hazards, including malfeasance. And that is not the only reason why a home security system is not only important, but necessary for any home in today’s world.

Protect your home

A home security system’s primary function is to protect your home and its surrounding premises. Several thousand burglaries happen every day, but with a good security system you lower or eliminate the chances of your home being the target of one of them.

With a comprehensive monitoring of all points of entry, such as doors and windows, and thorough CCTV, a house is protected from burglars in a two-fold manner: it will alert the police and the remote Control Center of unusual activity, which will prevent a crime attempt from being successful. It will also act as a deterrent. Burglaries are mostly crimes of opportunity. A burglar will not target a house that presents a high risk of detection with uncertain rewards.

A home security system will preserve not only the integrity and safety of your home but also your peace of mind, allowing you to truly relax as you need and deserve.

Have fire protection

A sophisticated home security system will protect you from more than simply burglars. With the proper heat sensors, smoke alarms, and fire alarms included, your home security system will catch a fire before it becomes catastrophic.

Every fire can be contained and extinguished if caught in time- and that time is within the first minute of it igniting. Within five minutes, the entire house may be engulfed in flames, depending on the premises’ flammability. An up-to-date security system with in-built fire detection will make sure that every fire is detected on time, protecting your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your property.

Monitor and control your energy usage

A proper home security system will also help you manage and control your energy use. When it comes to electricity, it’s easy to spend it when it isn’t actually needed. From forgotten lights onto heaters or other appliances switched on, you might be spending more than you need on your monthly electricity bill.

With a good home security system, you can monitor what is being used at all times and even switch it on or off remotely.

Get better insurance rates

Displaying that you have taken steps to minimize the probabilities of accidents or criminal behavior taking place in your house will help you get better premiums in home insurance. Having home insurance is necessary in today’s uncertain times, and getting a better deal is a lot easier with a good home security system in place. Many insurance companies give discounts for homes with security systems, so make sure you keep that in mind.

Monitor your own CCTV

Today’s home security systems allow you access to your home’s CCTV through your smartphone. Check on your house at any time, from anywhere in the world, simply through an app.

If you need to check on home activity such as supervising a babysitter or keeping an eye on your garden, a modern home security system will allow you to do that.

Get medical assistance fast

Especially if you live alone but in any other case of emergency as well, getting medical assistance at the press of a button may be the difference between life and death. A proper home security system will have alerts for medical assistance to be sent at your home. The remote Control Center your home security system is linked to will also make sure to assist you while help is coming.



Krypto specializes in matching you with the home security system that is the best fit for you and your family. We will take into account not only the parameters of your house and the surrounding premises but also your lifestyle needs. With a wide range of solutions for all budgets and a unique program offering top-tier security services at extremely affordable monthly subscriptions, you have access to the latest home security systems and the best monitoring available.

Give yourself and your family peace of mind and a true sense of safety, and enjoy features and capacities that make your life a lot easier with a modern home security system.