Krypto is a Cyprus Police Certified and Licensed Security Company and Operator

If a tree falls in a forest, but nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

This powerful philosophical question from the 19th century finds succinct application when it comes to security services.

You might have the best security system in place. You might have excellent CCTV, fire alarms, heat detectors, and state-of-the-art AI to alert and sound the alarm at any deviant or unusual behavior.

But what use is it if there is nobody there to receive the alerts, to hear the alarms, and act on them?

If nobody is there, even the best security system is useless, reduced to a mere annoyance, rather than a deterrent, for any malevolent person seeking to invade your property or your life.

This is why it is of tantamount importance for any security service provider to be equipped with two things: Police certification and Police licensing.

Krypto is both a Cyprus police certified and a police licensed security company and operator.


What is Police certification and licensing?

Police certification is a necessary procedure where a security services provider submits the necessary paperwork and guarantees regarding their service and excellence.

The security services provider also submits all information pertinent regarding their employees, including background checks, the current status of citizenship, and police clearance certificates. This ensures that the providers not only have a Good Character certification that has been checked and verified by the local police authorities but also have made known all the business’ parameters and activities.

The police authorities thoroughly scrutinize the provider’s services and whether the provider fulfils all requirements in order to be able to provide such services under the law before vetting and issuing the certification and licensing.

This is a vital process which ensures that clients can trust their security services provider’s integrity and work ethic. Peace of mind does not only stem from excellent technology in terms of hardware and software, but also from the impeccable nature of the experts and operators running them.

When your security service provider has been police certified and licensed, like Krypto is, you can rest easy that you are relying on partners with high reliability and full transparency in their manner of operations.

Being Police certified and licensed also means that all control centers and services provided by Krypto are directly linked to Police Emergency Response Services.

What this signifies for you is that every time your alarm system sounds, every time there is an alert by the cutting edge AI from your CCTV cameras, every time that you hit the panic button in your control panel, the local police will be alerted immediately.

Krypto is in close cooperation with all police services to provide you with the speediest intervention protocols and procedures so that you know that when your alarm sounds, there is not only one, but several ears that are on the alert to listen for it.

For Krypto’s clients, each alert and notification is immediately received and acted upon by not only our expert operators but also the local police authorities, thanks to Krypto’s Police licensing and certification.