WIS WCAP-AC PRO AP Dual Band Cloud Access Point Pro

WIS WCAP-AC PRO AP Dual Band Cloud Access Point Pro


WisCloud 802.11ac 3×3 Dual-Band Access Point Indoor Series Pro

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Product Overview

The WisCloud Indoor Access Point is the innovative series of products with remarkable performance in their features.

All configuration and management is centrally and effectively operated by the WisCloud Controller.

3×3 MIMO High Speed

Featuring 3* 2.4GHz and 3*5GHz high power radio, WCAP-AC-Pro can provide up to 1750Mbps

dual band concurrent wireless speed.


Enterprise Level Radio Chip-set

The high speed 720MHz Atheros CPU and 128MB DDR makes WisCloud access points much

powerful to provide a stable connectivity and multifunctional wireless networks.

Intuitive LED Status

The fashion LED of WCAP-AC-Pro can easily show the online and offline status to cloud platform.

Compact Package Design

To save the space of package, we are now improving the package size, saving much cost for transportation.