Uniview UV-LED Sterilization Box Unisnug SP-UB01

Uniview UV-LED Sterilization Box Unisnug SP-UB01


* Large interior space

* Sterilization starts with a press of the button and finishes automatically in ten minutes

* Eye-catching progress display, audio notification when sterilization is done

* Deep UV LED, no O3 generation, safe and environment-friendly

* Smart sensor automatically turns off UV when the cover is opened during sterilization

* 360°mirror surface reflection leaves no blind spots during sterilization

* 10,000 hours service life of LED, 100,000 sterilization times


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Parameters Description
Model SP-UB01
Sterilization method Deep ultraviolet, UVC LED
UV spectrum 260-280nm
Sterilization time 10 min
Man-machine interface Touch button
Process display
Beep alert
Exception detection Sterilization stop automatically when the cover open
Power supply interface Micro-USB
Rated voltage DC 5V,1A
Rated power ≤2W
Dimension Outer: 217.5mm*122.5mm*59.5mm
Inner: 180 mm *100 mm *25 mm
Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Humidity <95%, non-condensing
Operating environment Indoor use only
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