Krypto People: Mario West – Technology Officer

Krypto People

Born in 1977 in Northern Ireland, Mario moved about the world as his father was in the Royal Air Force (RAF). He ended up in the UK after his father left the RAF and joined the Metropolitan police force in London, where they lived until 1988. They then moved to Cyprus where Marios continued with his private education and graduated with credit in 1997.

During his plans to go back to the UK for further studies in electronics, he started working part-time at Krypto, where opportunities opened up allowing him to experience various aspects of the company and, therefore, gaining valuable insight in regards to his career choices. Finally, in 2000 he decided he would devote 100% of his time at Krypto, where he began as a helper out in the field and slowly climbed the ladder to become a senior installer. As IT was developing rapidly, Krypto introduced the first PC based network video recorder, which further triggered his curiosity to follow a career path in Information Systems.

When a dedicated IT department was developed to support the increasing need towards IP based solutions, Mario was positioned as an IT manager by consistently proving his abilities and passion. In 2018, he was promoted to the position of Technology Officer continuing his journey with Krypto. He is part of the think tank behind the operation 2023 strategic planning that will sustain the leading position of Krypto in the Cyprus market with advanced subscription services and artificial intelligence surveillance and crime prevention systems.