Krypto People: Giannis Karachristianidis – Technical Officer

If there’s one thing we are extremely proud of, regarding our team members here at Krypto, it’s this: Apart from excellent knowledge of the industry, all our people have one unique characteristic that never goes unnoticed: Passion. Their limitless dedication to their work, their genuine devotion to the Krypto family and their unstoppable drive for knowledge, growth and success, are what makes our people special – what gives them the honor to be considered as part of the Krypto Team.

Giannis is one of these awesome people, having a special place in the Krypto family. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our one and only, Technical Officer!


Stepping into the world of security systems!

As soon as he arrived in Cyprus, back in 2007, Yiannis made his first step into the amazing world of security systems. He was introduced into this fascinating world by a local security company. During the next four years, he acquired valuable experience and knowledge in the field, which fed his strong drive to learn more and more about security solutions.


Giannis enters the Krypto family

Following his passion and intent to explore the world of security products and services even further, Yiannis was thrilled to enter the Krypto Team in October 2011. Starting as a junior technician, he showed very high standards regarding customer service, creating a positive customer experience and sustaining the flawless Krypto image with all his clients. His advancement was immediate. From Junior to Senior and then Engineer and to Senior Engineer.

His thirst for knowledge and professional development, as well as his growing involvement with his work, soon made him an ideal candidate for promotion. So Giannis was proudly promoted to Senior Certificated Technician, a position he held until 2018 – when his next promotion came up!


Giannis as the Technician Officer of Krypto

As a person who never stops seeking new knowledge, Giannis kept studying about technological advancements in the security industry and trying to find innovative solutions to various problems. However, he never kept the knowledge to himself! As a genuine team player, he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience with his colleagues, contributing to their professional development and helping the Krypto team to reach the next level!

In 2018, Yiannis got promoted to Technical Officer – a position for which he is considered to be the perfect professional, thanks to his amazing knowledge, experience and communication skills with his colleagues.


Great job Yiannis. We are proud and lucky to have you in the Krypto family!